Oriental Papermaking Fibres


Common Name Eucalyptus Japanese Name Yukari
Scientific Name

Eucalyptus various species

Fibre Length Average 2.7mm (1.5-4mm) Fibre Width Average 15µm (10-25µm)
Fibre Ends Rounded Cross-Marking None
Associated Cells Large pitted vessel elements with thin tails
Herzberg Colour Blue Graff 'C' Colour Blue


Native to Australia, Eucalypts are now grown on the west coast of America and southern Europe. Eucalypts have also been planted in Brazil and Ethiopia with dire ecological consequences. These evergreens represent a diverse genus of trees with about 700 different individual species. Trees are generally fast growing, and certain species can grow as tall as 60 metres.

Eucalypts have large, heavily pitted vessel elements, thin tails and pits to ray parenchyma that are mostly round, or oval in horizontal rows [14].

Image 1 Image 2
eucalyptus1 eucalyptus2


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