Oriental Papermaking Fibres

Summary Table


Common Name Scientific Name Japanese Characters Fibre Length Fibre Width Fibre Ends Cross Marking Herzberg Graff 'C'  
Bamboo Gramineae Bambusa Arundinacea Take bamboocharact 1.5-4mm 10-25µm Pointed Faint Blue Blue  
Blue Sandalwood Ulmus Pteroceltis Tatarinowii Maxim Seitan bluesandalcharact 1-4mm 4-20µm Variable Strong Gray/Blue Gray/Blue  
Cedar, Japanese Taxodiaceae Cryptomeria Japonica Sugi japcedarcharact 2-3mm 30-40µm Blunt None Yellow/Brown Yellow/Brown  
Cotton Mavaceae Gossypium hirsutum/barbadense/arboreum Men cottoncharact 10-40mm 12-38μm Broken None Peach/Red Peach/Red  
Ditch Reed Gramineae Phragmites Australis Yoshi ditchreedcharact 1-3mm 10-25µm Blunt or Pointed Faint Blue Blue  
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Yukari eucalyptuscharac 1-4mm 10-25µm Blunt None Blue Blue  
Gampi Thymelaeaceae Wikstremia Canescens Ganpi gampicharact 2-4mm 4-20µm Variable Faint Yellow/Blue Yellow/Blue  
Flax Linaceae Linum usitatissimum L. Ama flaxcharact 9-70mm 5-40μm Pointed Strong Peach/Red Peach/Red  
Hemp Moraceae Cannabis Sativa Asa hempcharact 5-55mm 10-50µm Variable Strong Peach/Red Peach/Red  
Kenaf Mavaceae Hibiscus L. Kinafu kenafcharact 2-6mm 14-35μm Pointed Faint Yellow/Green Yellow/Green  
Manila Hemp/Abaca Musaceae Musa Textilis Manira Asa manilaacharact 2-12mm 15-40µm Pointed Strong Blue/Gray Blue/Gray  
Mitsumata Thymelaeaceae Edgeworthia Papyrifera Mitsumata mitsucharact 2-4mm 4-20µm Variable Faint Yellow/Blue Yellow/Blue  
Paper-mulberry Moraceae Broussonetia Papyferia Kozo papermulbchar 6-20mm 25-35µm Variable Faint Red with Blue Red with Blue  
Rice Gramineae Orzya Sativa Kome ricecharact 0.5-3mm 5-15µm Pointed None Blue Blue  
Sugar Cane/Bagasse Gramineae Saccharum officinarum L. Satoukibi bagassecharact 0.8-2.8mm 10-34μm Blunt Faint Blue Blue  
Tatami Rushes Juncaceae Juncus Effusus Igusa tatamicharact 1-3mm 50-90µm Square None Pink/Purple Pink/Purple  
Wheat Gramineae Triticum Sativum Mugi wheatcharact 0.5-3.5mm 10-35µm Blunt or Pointed Strong Blue/Green Blue/Green  
Zebra Grass Miscanthus Sinesus Japonicum Kaya zebracharact 0.5-3mm 5-30µm Pointed Strong Blue Blue  




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