Oriental Papermaking Fibres

Zebra Grass

Common Name Zebra Grass Japanese Name Kaya
Scientific Name Miscanthus Sinesus Japonicum
Fibre Length Average 2mm (0.5-3mm) Fibre Width Average 20µm 5-30µm
Fibre Ends Pointed Cross-Marking Strong
Associated Cells Pitted vessel elements and Paranchyma cells
Herzberg Colour Blue Graff 'C' Colour Blue


Also known in Japan as Susuki, this grass is symbolic of late summer and autumn in Japanese art and literature. Growing from underground rhizomes, the plant grows to between 0.8-4 metres, usually about 2 metres in height. The plant is also used as thatching for traditional Japanese farmhouses.

Epidermal cells were present, (See Image 2).



Image 1 Image 2
zebra1 zebra2


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